EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bachelorette Jillian Reveals Wedding Plans And Says She’s Moving In With Ed On Tuesday!

Bachelorette Jillian Harris is moving in with her fiancé Ed Swiderski on Tuesday and she’s revealed some of her wedding plans in an exclusive RadarOnline.com interview.

The bubbly beauty spoke to RadarOnline.com Thursday while attending the Rosa Cha fashion show at Bryant Park in New York city.

“I’m moving to Chicago on Tuesday. I’m all packed up and ready to go. I’m pumped up and excited,” Jillian told RadarOnline.com

Because of a scheduling conflict Ed wasn’t with her at the fashion event, but she watched the show with “Bachelorette” castoff Mike Steinberg, who is a friend of the couple.

Jillian revealed some of her wedding plans exclusively to RadarOnline.com.

“It will probably be in my parents’ backyard and it will be super low key,” she told us. “I’m going to have a couple of kegs, a live band and maybe a hundred people and that’s it. My auntie Becky will make a cabbage roll.”

And while she hasn’t set a date yet for the big day, she and Ed have made one big decision, they have no plans to televise the nuptials a la Trista and Ryan!

So how long will they wait until the big day?

Jillian said she’s not thinking about selecting a wedding date until “we live together and we’ve spent six months together.”

And what about having children?

“Ed, I think, wants to have children soon and I do too, but everything has happened so fast,” she told RadarOnline.com. “I’m excited to have kids but I’m excited to have a place to put my clothes first.”

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