EXCLUSIVE: Hailey Glassman Joins Gosselin Family Website!

In a bizarre development, Hailey Glassman is now part of the official Gosselin website.

As Jon and Kate battle through a nasty and public divorce, with Jon calling 22-year-old Hailey his “soul mate” the latest strange twist is Hailey’s sudden appearance on the family’s official site.

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“Meet the Gosselin Family” is one of the main headlines on the site, and apparently that “family” now includes Hailey, who has accused Kate of playing the “sympathy card” during her divorce. And while Kate has not started dating yet, Jon and Hailey have been seen kissing publicly (in photos obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com) and proclaimed their new love for everyone to hear!

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The family website contains information on how to contact Kate and Jon for business inquiries and offers information from the family under the heading of “In Our Prayers”, “Devotionals”, “Inspirational Stories” and “Laughter.”

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But, oddly, the site now suddenly offers this information right under the part of how to reach Jon and Kate for business purposes:

“Please Note: Hailey Glassman does not have a Facebook account at all.

“Her official Twitter account is HaileyGlassman1 and Jon’s is JonGosselin1.”

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And right after you learn that, the site invites you to purchase the family’s book “Multiple Bles8ings” and its new book (which is “coming soon”) called “Eight Little Faces.”
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Maybe with Hailey joining the family site the book title should be changed to “Nine Little Faces.”  Just a suggestion!

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