EXCLUSIVE DWTS VIDEO BLOG: Lacey Schwimmer Shows Off Her Injury

No need to worry about our Official DWTS bloggers Lacey Schwimmer–even with strained hip muscles, she’s still got swagger.

“Obviously, most of you already know, I have an injury,” she tells RadarOnline.com in an exclusive video blog.

Get all the details on Lacey’s strain and upcoming physical therapy.

“It’s strained in like three different places, I have to do three weeks of therapy it really sucks.”

Still she’s optimistic. Why? Because she’s a gangster.

“Whatever, I have this little cute, like, gangster strut that I have going on,” she says of the way she’s walking with her bandages.

Read a full recap of Lacey and partner Mark Dacascos‘ praised performance on DWTS last night.

And don’t miss Lacey’s first vlog, and keep checking with RadarOnline.com for more!

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