EXCLUSIVE: Audrina Patridge’s Stalker Still Lists Her as a “Friend” Online

Audrina Patridge may have been granted a restraining order against her stalker, Zachary Loring, by a Los Angeles County judge, but he still lists her as his “friend” – at least online.

Zachary Loring has sixteen friends on his MySpace page, and surprisingly, one of them is Audrina!

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Zachary began harassing The Hills star in August, when he rang her doorbell and gave her frightening pictures that he had drawn, one of which depicted a woman being strangled.

Read the history behind her restraining order

Audrina was granted the three year restraining order on Wednesday, and on Tuesday Zachary said his mood was “blessed” on his MySpace page.  He posted a brief poem entitled Soda In the Canyon on his page: “Slowing down a windy road calming, entrancing at times, a view only eyes can see and a mind can receive, love, ponder… soda runs acroos [sic] the road, down into the canyon,” he wrote.

Audrina needs to de-friends this guy STAT!

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