Chris Brown Compares Tattoos With Starstruck Cops

Chris Brown saw the long arm of the law Thursday — and its all inked up, just like his.

FIRST PHOTOS: Chris Brown Starts Community Service

The Forever singer looks to have made some new friends — police officers — while fulfilling the community service in Richmond, Virginia, that he received as part of his conviction for beating pop singer Rihanna to a bloody pulp Feb. 8.

VIDEO: Watch Brown’s sentencing

Brown and the officers were snapped comparing tattoos — we’re not sure if he signed any body parts for his fan club of lawmen while he was at it.

See exclusive pictures of Chris Brown Graffiti artist.

Brown was sentenced to five years’ probation and ordered to do 180 days of community labor as a part of the plea deal he made in June for his assault on Rihanna in Hancock Park, California.

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