VIDEO: Tori Spelling, Denise Richards Step Out for Humane Society

Numerous dog-loving actors hit the red carpet in Los Angeles for the Humane Society’s annual Bow Wow Wow event, benefiting animal rescues.

The likes of Tori Spelling, Denise Richards and Jerry O’Connell all showed and dished differently to

For instance, new dad O’Connell can’t get enough of It’s true, watch the full clip above!

A very tan Denise Richards is aware we’re fond of looking at her in a bikini–click here for sexy shots of Denise Richards in a bikini–and says she can’t let photographers stop her from enjoying any given vacation.

“I don’t want to not go to the beach or the pool, what am I going to tell my kids? We can’t go because there’s paparazzi?” she said.

And don’t miss Tori’s new ritual for celebrating her famous pooches–it involves stacks of folders and scissors.

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