VIDEO: Mike Tyson A DWTS Contender?

Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson may be light on his feet in the boxing ring but would he give up the gloves for dancing shoes if it meant he could appear on Dancing With The Stars?

While promoting his documentary Tyson DVD on The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien Thursday night, Tyson admitted his wife has insisted he join Dancing With The Stars.  According to Tyson, he bragged to his wife on his popularity for possible contenders for the show.  “You know.  I’m the most voted person that they want to see on Dancing With The Stars.”

After hearing this, his wife, a DWTS fan, tried to convince the boxer to join the cast.  “I’m not doing it.  Are you crazy?

“But can you dance?” Conan replied.  “I’m not a great dancer but I will dance in a dancing environment” said Iron Mike.  “You have an orchestra here, so….”  Conan and the audience took it to mean he’d dance for them but when the band started playing  – only Conan took up the challenge and strutted his moves.  As they often do in sports, he faked us out. 

We still hold out hope Tyson will change his mind and join a future season of Dancing With The Stars which should make for a real ear biter.

Watch the clip for more with the champ on The Tonight Show.

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