VIDEO: Kate Gosselin On Life Without Jon

Monday’s all new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 saw the start of a different life for star Kate Gosselin–as the first episode since her dramatic divorce announcement revealed how she’s adjusting without Jon.

“This was my first official turn with the kids. It didn’t feel very much different, it felt like the future,” Kate reflected.

True to their arrangement, Jon was nowhere in sight for his pack of eight, leaving Kate all by herself to coordinate daily activities–like a fun overnight camping excursion on their property.

Kate had to put up tents, start her own fire and deal with inquiries from the kids on their father,

“Daddy knows everything about a tent,” one of her little ones remarked.

Regardless of speed bumps on her road to single motherhood, she’s determined to try new things.

“I am going to do things I have never done before, I have to,” she said, “this is a very, very hard time right now. Those words almost don’t even cover it.”

Watch the full clip above.

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