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VIDEO: Kate Gosselin on Larry King Live, Talk Grows Of Jon Leaving TLC

A composed and somber Kate Gosselin bared her soul to Larry King Live.

Among the topics discussed were why they did the show, their very public divorce, how the kids are holding up, life after Jon and will the show continue.

When quizzed as to whether the show would carry on post Jon, Kate was tight lipped claiming it was “up to the network to decide”.

Jon has been more vocal however, saying today that he hates the show And wants to leave.

When asked if there would be a season 6, Kate was evasive, saying “there could be or could not be. We take each season as it goes.”

As to how the kids are holding up, Kate says they’re “doing remarkably well” and that “they’re dealing with it”.

Hinting at the obvious tensions between the two Kate paused before answering if Jon is a good father, saying “He is – his decisions are not ones that I would necessarily make but deep down I know he is.”

One good thing is that they do agree on two things apparently – faith and the children’s schooling. However, they disagree on “current things” with Kate claiming she is “looking more towards the future than he is.”

When asked if she still considers herself married Kate answers “I am not yet divorced.”

And unlike her soon to be ex-husband Kate has no interest in dating, claiming “I don’t think about it. I’m lonely but very busy. I’m alright.”