VIDEO: Gordon Ramsey Calls Out Jimmy Kimmel On His Weight

Gordon Ramsey of FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares doesn’t just limit his tirades and insults to his show’s young chefs.  He’s also dishing out his knife-sharp barbs to TV host Jimmy Kimmel.

While promoting Ramsey’s new book Healthy Appetite on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night, Kimmel commented that in Ramsey’s book, he says a 10-ounze box of linguine serves four people.  When Jimmy said he can eat that much all by himself,  Ramsey then asked if he looks in the mirror at home.  Jimmy replied, “I try to look at only the good parts.”

The ultimate insult proceeded with Ramsey telling Jimmy, “I’m not saying your fat but you are heavy.”  Jimmy the good sport retorted, “I look worse without the suit.”

Ramsey was not all insullts as he suggested to Jimmy that he include some extracurricular activities after dinner to keep him fit but Jimmy’s hurt feelings came through – “I like to go to the bathroom and cry.”  Ahh!

Watch Ramsey serving up the insults with the late night host.

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