VIDEO: Bernie Madoff’s Mistress Tells All In New Book

Sheryl Weinstein, the mistress of convicted flimflam man Bernie Madoff for 18 months, told Good Morning America Tuesday of her experiences with the man she described as “the lowest of the low.”

Weinstein, the chief financial officer for Jewish charity Hadassah, discusses her affair with Madoff in her new book, Madoff’s Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie and Me.

She said that she met Madoff in 1988, and that the pair shared a romance for more than 20 years — yet only had sex for a year and a half of that time frame. She said he was a very passionate man and a “good kisser.” She said her code name for Madoff was “Winkiedink,” and that he often obsessed on his virility and performance as a man.

She said that Madoff was “petrified” his wife would find out abut his indiscretions, and that a divorce could have meant him having to reveal his illicit finances.

Weinstein said Madoff’s scams and swerves cost her and her family their savings and their home.

“He took everything,” she said. “What I have to sell is my story; you shouldn’t steal money from someone you have a relationship with — and he did steal my money.”

The spokesperson for Madoff’s wife, Ruth, had no comment to the show.

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