TrickleStar: The Savior Of Your Energy Bill

Tired of wasting hundreds of bucks each year paying energy bills so your computer can “sleep”?

Obviously, some things you just can’t unplug day in and day out, be it the hassle or risking memory loss, or even worse, damage to the machine.

Don’t fret, eco-conscious tech company TrickleStar has got you covered — with the TrickleSaver.

The TrickleSaver is an easy-to-use, energy-conserving product for your PC or Mac. The device detected the power status of your machine, locates all unnecessary extras (printers, cell phone chargers, and speakers) and shuts them down; it can easily be connected via a USB connector, or plugged into a power strip.

So what are you waiting for? This device, which essentially pays for itself in energy-savings, is available now at


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