Russell Crowe’s Camp Denies Story Actor 86’d From Pub After Drunken Tantrum

A story claiming actor Russell Crowe was banned from an UK bar, after demanding they stay open past last call, was denied by his manager Monday.

“The only truth to the whole thing is that he has been” to the bar, Crowe’s manager, Grant Vandenberg, told Nine Network television in Australia. “He has been there four or five times with his kids. There is a playground in the back.”

The New Zealand-born Oscar-winner, according to Britain’s Sunday Express newspaper, was banned from The Brickmakers, a bar in the Surrey town of Windlesham after making a scene when bar employees refused his request to keep the establishment open past closing time.

“We understand that he offered money to be allowed to keep drinking after closing time,” a local bar patron told the paper.

Crowe is currently on location in the UK shooting a remake of Robin Hood, in which he plays the title role.

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