Rockabilly Goes Retail: A Really Hip Catalog

Billy Lee Riley is gone, sadly, but Rockabilly culture is alive and well in America.

And now, its’ devotees have an online haven to call their own: the 8 Ball Web store, a virtual Sears catalog for enthusiasts of the vintage niche.

The site, located at, features an assortment of goods and apparel to get the rockabilly vibe going in your home, car, office or on your person.

Men’s items of note include some snazzy bowling, country and plaid shirts; ladies have an assortment of dresses and jewelry to chooses from. Kids apparel, grooming products, and other novelties of the rockabilly persuasion will also get your attention, undoubtedly.

The site is extremely well-organized, so customers have little trouble navigating toward their item of choice.

For more info, you can visit their Web site, or stop by the company’s Burbank, California store for an even larger selection of all the Rockabilly kitsch you crave!

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