Kourtney & Khloe: Miami’s New Vice!

Can’t get enough of those Kardashian girls? While Kim stays to play in LA, you can follow Kourtney and Khloe’ as they set out to conquer sexy South Beach.

The sisters depart their Calabasas abode to launch a Miami branch of DASH boutique, their namesake clothing store, but that’s not all the ambitious pair are after.

Khloe’ embarks on a new career in radio when her late night talk show Khloe’ After Dark takes over the airwaves on Miami’s Y100, but never fear, there’s till plenty of time left for parties on yachts steamy nightclubs.

Drama ensues when Kim flies down to help the girls plan the glamorous red-carpet opening of the new store–but Kim and Khloe’ clash, threatening the grand debut.

How does this round in their infamous sibling rivalry end? Check it out every Sunday!

Kourtney and Khloe’ Take Miami’
premieres August 16 on E!

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