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Have A Roommate Who Snores All Night? Read On …

Autumn is upon us, and college students are settling into their intimate new surroundings.

While we’re sure there will be plenty of dorm-room drama based on beer, babes and boys, much of the arguing will be centered on something no one can control: snoring.

So before you take a pillow to your sleeping roommate’s head cause they’re keeping you up all night, think twice — there’s a much easier (and legal!) remedy: the Silent Snooze.

The Silent Snooze is an FDA-approved device that will muzzle those loud snores, and help your roommate get even better rest at night. A one-size-fits-all, v-shaped dilator that fits onto the base of the nose to open up nasal passages, its so lightweight, its’ users will forget they’re even wearing it as they inhale the smells (Eucalyptus, Lavender and Original) that work as a natural sleep aid.

The product, which retails for $12.95, is available at www.incrediblescents.com, or at establishments such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and other select drugstores.