EXCLUSIVE: TLC Defenders Tell Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend “Shut Up!”

Calling her a “fame whore” and telling her to “shut up”, a source close to TLC is blasting Jon Gosselin’s new gal pal Hailey Glassman in wake of her explosive television interview in which she said TLC stands for The “Lying” Channel.

In the interview which aired Monday night with E! News’ Giuliana Rancic, Glassman,22, said she was very much in love with Jon,32, and claimed she’s no homewrecker.

Hailey Glassman slams TLC: See the interview

“TLC didn’t allow [Jon and Kate] to come out and say their marriage was over a year ago,” the well-documented party girl maintained.

A source close to the cable channel, tells RadarOnline.com exclusively: “Let’s face it, TLC isn’t very happy about the comments Hailey made. But the cable network does not want to respond to them, directly or indirectly, because that would lend them significance or credence, neither of which they have.”

The source says while TLC cares about Jon and Kate, it doesn’t care at all about Glassman.
“She’s simply a fame whore who insists that she’s not a fame whore. She’s capitalizing on her 15 minutes by spouting off on things she knows nothing about.”

Our source added: “She knows nothing about Kate, so she just needs to shut up.”

TLC is not dignifying Hailey’s comments with any response.

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