EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Party! Jon Gosselin and Hailey’s Excellent Bar Adventure

“Shots for everyone,” Jon Gosselin said early Thursday morning, obviously drunk with love since reconnecting with Hailey Glassman.

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Too bad the Jon & Kate Plus 8 cameras weren’t filming because this definitely would have been a ratings booster.

An extremely happy Jon, lovey-dovey with his 22-year-old squeeze, was the most popular man in Lexington Bar and Grill when he generously paid for shots for his fellow barflies.

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It was 3 a.m. when Jon and Hailey rolled in with a bodyguard and a friend of Hailey’s. They sat at the bar and after three rounds of shots Jon switched to Red Bull. (Man, post-Kate life can be fun!)

Jon and entourage stayed until approximately 4:30 a.m. He ducked outside a few times to smoke cigarettes and by the end of the night Jon and Hailey were openly hugging and kissing, leaving no doubt about his romantic choice after a trip to The Hamptons with former Star reporter Kate Major, who this week told all in a TV interview (if you consider telling all saying basically nothing).

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And where was wife Kate while Jon enjoyed his freedom? She’s in Florida with her daughters, filming for the show.

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But before you say Jon should have been home with his other children, RadarOnline.com has heard through the grapevine that he and Kate have an agreement that prevents him from going to the Pennsylvania house when it’s her designated time with the kids. So even though Kate was out of town, Jon still wasn’t allowed to be home.

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