EXCLUSIVE: Paula Abdul’s Life After Idol

She’s just ditched her multi-million a year job on American Idol, so what’s Paula Abdul going to do next?

No she’s not going to Disneyland. But, according to well placed sources, she is entertaining an opportunity to appear on Dancing With The Stars.

After her public negotiations with Idol ended not with a bang but a Tweet, Paula now has various options she’s exploring, says a source.

“She’s had an offer on the table for a Las Vegas show,” said the source. It would be a Cirque du Soleil-type production, which Paula would choreograph. It is possible she would also appear in the show. Two casinos have approached her with competing offers and if she accepts the show would carry her name in the title.

The Dancing With the Stars gig is far from certain, but the show has long had interest in her appearing.

Paula is currently working on a new record and putting in studio time. She has also had meetings on an afternoon talk show.

So while it remains to be seen if leaving Idol will be a McLean Stevenson move (look it up kids; that’s why Wikipedia is for), at least it seems that Paula has options.

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