EXCLUSIVE: Kim Explains Real Housewife of Atlanta Brawl With NeNe

Hot off the premiere of the second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, cast member Kim Zolciak opened up to RadarOnline.com about her alleged brawl with fellow cast mate NeNe Leakes.

In her first interview since the incident, Zolciak told RadarOnline.com exclusively about what she makes of Leakes denying trying to choke Zolciak in a heated confrontation.

“NeNe’s a liar, and I have a police report to prove it,” Zolciak said. “Violence is not something I support or agree with. And she says she’s an advocate against domestic violence…what, is it a how to?”

On Tuesday night, Leakes hit the town with another controversial housewife, New Jersey cast member Danielle Staub,  at the gay club Barracuda in New York. During the outing, she denied the fight.

“Well I have a police report and two witnesses…so nice try,” Zolciak told RadarOnline.com. “She definitely crossed the line. It’s one thing to call me names, but it’s another to put your hands on me. It was incredibly traumatic and I didn’t sleep for three days afterwards.”

The two women were close friends at the beginning of the show but their relationship quickly turned after Leakes sang a song mocking Zolciak’s singing aspirations and Zolciak apparently gossiped about Leakes around town.

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