EXCLUSIVE: Kate Gosselin’s Secret Camping Trip – Her Boys & The Bodyguard

Lucky Kate Gosselin. Her husband Jon is creating so much drama with his merry-go-round of girlfriends (some of whom are almost young enough to still ride a merry-go-round) that Kate managed to sneak away unseen for a sons-only camping trip.

Star magazine reports in its new issue that Kate took her three sons to Wyoming for five days, starting July 29.

Oh, and also along to rough it? Bodyguard Steve Neild, says Star, which has also obtained the first photo of Neild’s wife Gina, seen here. The mag has exclusive details in its new issue.

While Neild was guarding Kate’s body from wild bears or woodsy paparazzi, Jon was home up to his usual mischief. He hired a babysitter and then promptly spent the night with her, as RadarOnline.com reported exclusively.

Click here for exclusive details on his sleepover plus photos of the babysitter leaving Jon’s house very early in the morning.

Stephanie Santoro, 23, joins Hailey Glassman, 22 and Kate Major, 26, as victims of love-starved Jon’s serial dating spree.

Stephanie is a single mom, who works part-time as a cocktail waitress and is trying to get a modeling career. She says in her online resume she’s willing to pose nude.

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