EXCLUSIVE: Kate Gosselin Leaves Hotel With Police Escort After Battle With Jon

There was a huge scene when Kate Gosselin tried to leave the Days Inn in Reading, PA at 4 a.m. Friday. RadarOnline.com was on the scene as Kate had the police come and carry her luggage and walk her to her black Toyota SUV, which was approximately 40 steps from the front hotel door.

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Four police cars showed up and shined lights in every car in the parking lot to make sure no paps were in, and the few cars that did have paps were kicked out of the lot before Kate came out.

EXCLUSIVE: Kate Gosselin Checks Into Hotel After Fight With Jon

One photographer went to a lot across the street where a cop later came and blocked him in until Kate got close to the highway. The pap then attempted to follow Kate down U.S. Highway 222 North but lost her just past Kutztown, PA.

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The pap told RadarOnline.com that Kate was driving about 95 miles an hour and shut off her headlight several times when she got near an exit, in an apparent attempt to try to throw off the two paparazzi cars that were following her.

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