EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Strikes Again – Hooks Up With ANOTHER Woman!

UPDATE: Photographs were snapped of Jon and his female friend, RadarOnline.com has learned. Uh oh, Jon, we hear there’s even a shot of your pal at the house in the very early morning hours. And when we say “we hear” we mean we know! Expect the photos to surface within a few days, if not sooner.

Jon Gosselin is showing no signs of slowing down in his personal dating marathon. It looks as if the Cable Cad may have added yet another partner to his growing date list.

Jon was reportedly out at a bar/restaurant Saturday night in Pennsylvania and seen with a twenty-something woman who appeared interested, very interested, in him.

How interested? RadarOnline.com hears that she drove her Mercedes back to Jon’s house at 3 a.m. and stayed until 6 a.m.

The woman, wearing a red dress, seemed very taken with Jon. She drove her own car back to his house and tried to leave before anyone saw.

But she wasn’t successful. Spywitnesses tell RadarOnline.com that she was photographed at Jon’s house.

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We have a feeling that every meltdown Kate Gosselin has had in the past is going to look tame compared to what will happen when she finds out Jon brought a woman back to the house.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Jon is terrified that Kate will use his philandering to slaughter him in divorce court. Click here to read all about Jon’s fear of Kate knowing who he’s seeing.

Jon has had plenty of female companionship since splitting with Kate. He took Hailey Glassman, 22, to France and then began seeing ex-reporter Kate Major, 26.

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