Because You Can Never Be To Rich: Or too Ostentatious?

We laughed when people started putting diamond studs in their front teeth; giggled at diamond -encrusted footwear ; marveled at diamond covered phones but diamonds in your sunglasses?

Designer Jonny Vavas of Vavas Diamond Eyewear has introduced a “signature line of hand created diamond sun glasses” that range in price from $1,200 to $10,000 depending on how many carats.

In case the diamonds aren’t enough, they promise exclusivity — only 60 pair are created per month for sale. They also boast that they sport UV400 protection and shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses.

Some of the saps…ah,celebrities spotted in the expensive Diamond Eyewear are  entertainers Verdine White  of Earth Wind and Fire, and Funkmaster George Clinton; Elgin Charles of the Elgin Charles Salon of Beverly Hills; and  Fashion Designers Kevan Hall and Timothy Maurice.

Can you imagine how pissed you would be if you lost your pair?

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