Bachelorette Winner Scandal: Ex To Drop Bomb on Swiderski

The ex-girlfriend of Bachelorette winner Ed Swiderski, who told you last week was still in intimate contact with Ed during the shows airing and finale, is planning to tell all this week.

Click here to read the shocking story about Swiderski’s love, Bethany Steffen, that we had first!

A source told us that Swiderski “broke off his relationship with Bethany just a week before he began shooting The Bachelorette, but soon resumed contact with her via texts and emails.”

And not your average notes–messages with heavy sexual undertones.

“Ed’s sexy messages to Bethany certainly aren’t of the kind a happily engaged man should be sending,” the source said.

Moreso, the source said that Steffen was shocked to learn of his promise to wed show star Jillian Harris.

“When the episode aired showing Ed as the winner and he and Jillian agreeing to marry, Bethany was stunned,” said the source.

A rep for the dating reality competition had “no comment” when asked about Swiderski’s double life, complete with sexting.

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