Vroom Vroom: MySims Racing

If you love your virtual Sims the way we do, and you’ve always wanted to see them race (?) here’s the game for you.  We haven’t stopped playing it since we got it but hopefully you’ll show more restraint.

Your Sims – which you can personalize with new racing-themed clothes and accessories – starts out in driving school, like all good drivers and works up to rival racers, trick tracks and add-ons galore. You see, the more points you rack up, the more you’re able to customize your Kart and trick it out with gadgets and power-ups, such as the “heat-seeking jack-o-lantern pumpkin” or a “bubble dropper.” My race car – excuse me “MySims” kart – is tricked out with a custom paint job, scuffed tires, a roll bar and a wedge. Thinking of adding a “Darlington Stripe*”, just for honor.

After you’ve proven yourself, you’ll move up to four-player mode which is crazy fun.

Fostering teamwork, if you befriend MySims, you can get access to car blueprints, car parts and more. Go Team!

Available for Wii and Nintendo DS at EA Games. http://www.ea.com/

NASCAR here WE come!

A NASCAR term for getting the right hand side of the car close to the outside wall and rubbing the sheet metal and paint.

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