VIDEO: Palin Not Off Limits For Letterman

David Letterman’s jokes about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s young daughter may have recently gotten him into hot water, but that didn’t stop the late night comedian from taking on Palin once again on Tuesday night’s Late Show with David Letterman.

Following Palin’s surprising announcement to resign as governor, Letterman had a field day with a slew of one-liners targeting the former Republican vice-presidential candidate. 

Jokes ranged from President Barack Obama waving good-bye to Palin during his trip to Russia this week, to speculating that the Alaskan governor “hopes to be the next Octo-Mom”.  He also took a jab at Palin for taking time off to go fishing, and showed a clip of a woman (not Palin) falling into the water from a fishing boat. 

Letterman also poked fun at himself stating, “Friends of Governor Palin say she’s resigning because she’s tired of attacks from the media.  Thank God I didn’t’ say anything.”

Watch the video for Letterman’s onslaught of Palin jokes.

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