VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Shakes Up Fans In West Hollywood

This even sounds too D-List — even for Kathy Griffin.

Lindsay Lohan turned-up at Millions Of Milkshakes in West Hollywood Thursday night,  and promptly whipped-up her own shake which will now appear on the menu.

Lohan got in the mood by putting on an apron and plastic gloves as she made her drink – only problem being she forgot to put on a bra before leaving her home!

She’s not the first celebrity to have a milkshake named after name – reality stars Kim Kardashian and Spencer Pratt also hold the illustrious honor.

And it’s not the first time that the fallen starlet has designed something either – she previously put her name to a fake tanning range and some leggings.

At least it was a break in her on/off relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson, which in their most recent row had Ronson throwing LiLo’s clothes into the street.

No word if the Lindsay Lohan milkshake comes with extra nuts!

(Photo: Fame Pictures, Video:

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