TV: Saturday Hot List

Victoria Stilwell is the blonde, British and slightly more acerbic version of Ceasar Milan and we love her no nonsense approach to dog training on Animal Planet. Tonight there are three all new episodes on in a row. First up, Victoria helps save a marriage that’s suffering at the hands of rowdy and disruptive dogs. Then she aids newlyweds that take different approaches to training their pooches and finally, Victoria rescues a single girl whose rowdy Lab mixes are ruining her social life!

And if you’re looking to “escape” if you’re hanging at home this Saturday night, them definitely check out Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends. Samantha heads to the Smokey Mountains and in an attempt to rough it, she takes a tour of underground caverns and goes hiking at night!

In The Dog House (Animal Planet)
Bulging Brides (FLN)
Divine Design (HGTV)

In The Dog House (Animal Planet)

America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back (FOX)
It’s Me or The Dog (Animal Planet)

Moving Up (TLC)
Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends (Travel)

Psychic Investigators (BIO)

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