NEW PICS: Kate & Cara Gosselin’s Day Out

Looks like it’s back to reality for little Cara Gosselin–after a dreamy night with the Jonas Brothers, she was spotted running errands with her mom Kate in Reading, Pa. on Friday.

More pictures of the Kate and Cara Gosselin’s Day out

The mother-daughter duo hit the dentist, which must’ve gone well as Cara was rewarded with a sweet Starbucks treat afterwards, as well as stopping by a
local Fed Ex shop.

Cara’s father Jon Gosselin is living a much different day, we suspect, shacked up in Michael Lohan’s Long Island, NY home with Kate Major.

More details of Gosselin and Major’s sanctuary at Lohan’s pad

In addition to Cara, twin sister Mady was treated to an evening in Philadelphia with the Jo Bros.

Click here for more details on their concert experience

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