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Kate Gosselin: Working On Her Fitness

Instead of shacking up with Michael Lohan and juggling several new love interests, it seems like looking good is going to help Kate Gosselin rebound.

The mom of eight was spotted at her Reading, Pa. home decked out in workout gear preparing for a jog on Sunday.

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Donning running pants, sneakers and a sweat-repellent top that read “Try 2 Keep Up!” Kate incorporated her daily exercise into quality time with the kids.

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Kate rounded up her garbage and recycling material and some her children to trek with her to the edge of the property, even having one strap a box of empty bottles to a motorized mini-Jeep and drive it down.

Yesterday, Kate enjoyed fun at home with the kids and a neighbor, making Play-Doh hearts and then later heading to a local playground.

Their father, Jon, has been playing with newfound adult friends Michael Lohan and Mike Heller, hitting up parties in the Hamptons and taking long dinners in the evenings.

And despite his rotating cast of female friends, just today Jon insisted he was single.

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(Photo: Splash News)