VIDEO: Jon Gosselin’s Double Life: Back With Kids After Romp With Girlfriend

It’s not easy being Jon Gosselin. There are so many responsibilities, the kids, the soon-to-be-ex-wife, the mistress. It’s all so tiring!

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But the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star showed he’s got plenty of energy, roaring back to Pennsylvania on Wednesday to see his kids after spending days in France with his mistress.

As Jon — being ever so macho — revved the engine of his motorcycle outside his home Wednesday, the reality star told photographers his trip to the French Riviera was “long.” has learned exclusively that after flying to the U.S. from France on Tuesday, Jon went back to his new secret apartment in New York. How do we know? Because we saw him going in with groceries! His girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, 22, took a separate car after they arrived in the U.S.

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As our new photos of Jon back in Pennsylvania show, Kate did not come rushing out to greet him after his overseas jaunt with his wild new girlfriend. How surprising!

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