The Happiness Project Toolbox: A Web Site To Smile About

In the 70s, we had the Partridge Family reminding us to “C’mon, Get Happy.” The 80s brought us the “Have a Nice Day” happy face, and the 90s gave us Prozac.

In 2009, the pursuit of happiness has a new address:

The Web site, called the The Happiness Project Toolbox, is the brainchild of author Gretchen Rubin, who parlayed her year-long study of what it takes to have a smile into a blog, book and now, this innovative Web site.

Rubin said her initial intentions of starting the project was to get in the habit of completing tasks she was focused on — be it getting more sleep, quitting nagging her husband, singing in the morning to her daughters, exercising, starting a blog, imitating a spiritual master and keeping a one-sentence journal.

Rubin’s wisdom — which emphasizes setting goals, making conscious changes and supportive encouragement from peers — has manifested into her large following.

“The response to my blog showed me that a lot of people were starting their own happiness projects,” Rubin told “To make that process easier for them, I started the Toolbox. For most people, small, regular, concrete steps can bring a real happiness boost — even in this time of economic trouble – and these tools will help.”

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