EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Rex Lee Speaks Out About Jeremy Piven’s Mercury Poisoning

Entourage premiered Sunday night to waiting fans, but this past year has been anything but pleasant for the show’s star Jeremy Piven.

Following a controversial bout with mercury poisoning, Piven dropped out of his Broadway show Speed the Plow, sparking a media onslaught and legal trouble with the play’s producers.

But in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Piven’s co-star, Rex Lee, says he thinks his pal got a bad wrap.

“It’s almost behind him,” Lee, who plays Ari Gold’s (Piven) assistant Lloyd, told RadarOnline.com. “I think the story was so unusual that people had a strange reaction to it.”

Lee continues, “I’ve known Jeremy for a long time and I’ve witnessed him eating sushi at least twice a day or more. Plus there was that Chinese herbalist who told him to take all those herbs, which turned out to be bad for him.”

Watch our entire interview!

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