EXCLUSIVE NEW DETAILS: Jon Paid $27,000 for Hailey’s Ring!

Apparently Jon Gosselin is no longer on that measly allowance Kate reportedly had him on! RadarOnline.com has uncovered new details about that giant sparkler his new girlfirend Hailey Glassman was spotted wearing while on vacation in St. Tropez- including the whopping price tag he happily shelled out!

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Jeweler to the stars Edouard Nahum, who is based in Paris, told RadarOnline.com exclusively that Jon bought the ring for a cool 19,000 Euros. That’s $27,000!

“Jon came into the store and Edouard showed him some of his handmade designs,” Nahum’s colleague Eva Benhamou said. “He was drawn to the ring immediately. It’s a very special ring.” Sources tell RadarOnline.com that it is not an engagement ring despite reports.

The ring is a combination of diamonds and precious stones. Last week, Hailey was snapped in St. Tropez wearing it on her wedding ring finger, which sparked a frenzy of reports claiming she and Gosselin were engaged. Jon has recently returned back to Pennsylvania, taking care of the kids and running errands as estranged wife Kate left for her own trip.

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