EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Conrad Says Ryan Gosling Hit On Her

File this under one of the more bizarre conversations we’ve overheard:

Lauren Conrad and boyfriend Kyle Howard were whipping themselves into a frenzy Thursday night at Deluxe, where we just happened to be an earwitness.

Lauren claims that Ryan Gosling tried to hit on her and she told Kyle, “Who does he think he is? I’m with you. I would never…” At that point we couldn’t stop listening and Kyle said: “I know baby, if I was there I would have set him straight.”

But sadly, that wasn’t the end of it. Kyle then started chatting with a friend and suddenly there was testosterone in the air, and a lot of it. “Let’s go find Ryan Gosling. Let’s beat him up,” one of them said. And yes, it was funny that they kept calling him “Ryan Gosling” instead of just Ryan.

Of course we have no idea if Ryan Gosling did hit on Lauren, we only know what we heard. And there are many who would say if he did hit on her she should be flattered!

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