EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend’s Early Days

In light of all the alleged pot-smoking, drunken, debaucherous photographs you’ve seen of Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend, RadarOnline.com has decided to show you a sweeter side of Hailey Glassman– back when she was just an innocent, buck-toothed tot attending the Rockland Country Day School in New York.

Click here to see more first grade photos of Hailey

RadarOnline.com has uncovered Hailey’s first grade yearbook pictures and wow!—it’s  hard to believe this little girl is the same hard-partying 22-year-old we’ve seen gallivanting around town with Jon Gosselin.

Click here to see more photographs of Hailey getting her party on

Friends who grew up with Glassman in upstate New York, however, say they’re not all that surprised. “She’s totally in it for her 15 minutes of fame,” a former classmate of Hailey’s told RadarOnline.com. “I’ve known Hailey since elementary school and her family is probably loving all the publicity. That’s the kind of people they are. Around here it’s like the OC…if you have money.” Glassman’s father was the one who famously gave Kate her 2006 tummy tuck so it seems attention-mongering may run in the family!

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