EXCLUSIVE: Fallen Idol’s Startling Claim Hours Before Death, Paid To Flip Off Simon

RadarOnline has exclusively obtained the last known photo of American Idol contestant Alexis Cohen before she was killed Saturday morning in a shocking hit-and-run accident in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

“We were on the boardwalk and saw her,” said the photographer. “She was wearing army pants and now has black hair, and she was carrying a big leather jacket walking all manly.”

Exclusive: Idol Hit & Run Suspect on Suicide Watch

The source later saw Cohen, who was by herself around 1AM, at the Beach Bar in Seaside, located on the same street where she was hit. “I didn’t know who she was at first,” the source said, adding that she appeared drunk. “She was on the dance floor dancing and singing by herself. It was pretty weird. Then she came over to us and asked if we watched American Idol. She said she was the one who was paid to flip off the judges.”

As to who paid her – she didn’t say.

Watch Alexis flip off Simon on American Idol

“We talked for a bit and disappeared,” added the source. “A band came on and she was still dancing and singing along. We left around 2AM and she was still there.”

Sometime after leaving the bar, Cohen was struck and killed while crossing the street.

Daniel Bark, a 23-year-old grocery clerk, faces several charges in connection with the incident, and is on suicide watch at a New Jersey jail, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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