BREAKING NEWS: Octo-Mom Child Rushed to Hospital

Update: Nadya returned home with 2-year old Caleb at 10:45pm PT  and he is fine. Two hospital social service workers went to Nadya’s home to interview her children. Two police officers were also there providing security. It was all standard operating procedure.  After 15 minutes inside the social workers determined everything was fine and they left with no further action.

Nadya Suleman‘s two year old twin Caleb was rushed to St. Jude Hospital, in Fullerton, Ca. Friday afternoon after drinking a non-poisonous salt-water solution has learned.

At 4:36pm a 911 call was placed from Octo-Mom’s La Habra, Ca. home.  The Los Angeles County Fire Department responded and transported Caleb to the hospital as a precaution. The two year old is expected to be released Friday night.

Nadya is with her son, while the nannies are home caring for the five older children and the octuplets

Video coming soon…

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