WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Octo-Mom Slams Kate Gosselin!

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman has a message for fellow mega-mom Kate Gosselin: stop judging me!

Check out Kate’s stunning bikini body– 8 kids later!

In an explosive new interview only with, a visibly agitated Suleman expressed frustration and rolled her eyes as she watched for the very first time a tape of Gosselin’s appearance on The Dr. Phil Show last February.

“She needs to stop being so judgmental and stop pulling at straws for attention,” Suleman exclusively told Suleman also accused Kate of being desperate for attention and over-emotional.

“My children are extremely healthy, strong and happy. Don’t you have, like, a lot of issues in your life? A lot of marital problems?” she asked of Gosselin.

“Why are you so desperate to glob on to my life? For attention?”

Watch our entire explosive interview!

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