VIDEO: Octo-Mom Gave Up Med School for Babies

Octo-mom Nadya Suleman revealed to that she sacrificed a career as an M.D. for her children.

“I was pregnant with Amerah, and I had this revelation in the shower…I could go to the Virgin Islands and get my doctorate, my M.D.,” she said.

At the time, with only Elijah in her charge and carrying little Amerah, Suleman said her mother Angela was willing to step in and help her raise the brood for the sake of education.

“She [said she] would encourage me, and would help take care of them. This was a long time ago, this was more than six years ago,” Suleman said, of a much more amicable time between she and Angela Suleman.

Check out our full clip, where Suleman soon changed gears and realized “my passion in life was being a mom.”

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