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VIDEO: Levi Johnston Weighs In On Palin Vs. Letterman Controversy

The teen father of Sarah Palin’s grandson, Tripp, chipped in his two cents on the controversy between the Alaskan governor and Late Night talk show host David Letterman that has erupted over the past two weeks.

Speaking to Larry King Tuesday night, handsome Levi Johnston said via phone that he took Letterman’s ribbing, that baseball hunk Alex Rodriguez had impregnated one of Palin’s daughters on a recent trip to the new Yankee Stadium, “as a joke”. He said that while he Indiana funnyman might have crossed a boundary of good taste, that’s his job.

He added that his relations with the Alaskan first family have improved recently, and that he is spending time regularly with his son, Tripp.

Levi’s forgiving ways didn’t earn him any brownie points with King’s next guest, comedienne Kathy Griffin, who joked the teen “probably can’t spell his own name.”