VIDEO: Emeril Lagasse Stirs Up Jon & Kate's 100th Episode

Kate Gosselin, perhaps a little territorial because there were too many cooks in her kitchen, swatted guest host/celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse with a violet spatula on her show Monday.

Monday’s milestone episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 — the family’s 100th episode of the hit TLC show — had a little extra spice, courtesy of the celebrity chef.

Lagasse made his presence known in the couple’s kitchen, assigning cooking-related tasks to the family and adding dashes of his inimitable gusto that, for a hot minute, relieved the white-hot tension building between the parents of eight.

At the end of the episode, all congratulated one another on the show’s success, to which Lagasse said, “I don’t know how ya made it!”

Kate, with an icy demeanor, said: “I don’t know either.”

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