VIDEO: Daughter To Kate Gosselin: “You’re Mean, Really Mean!”

With their marriage apparently on the rocks, Jon and Kate Gosselin mark their tenth wedding anniversary Friday.

And while, we knew Kate was tough..  yikes!

A new video — posted on YouTube Thursday — shows just how strict she can be.

In the video, Kate sits with her 8 kids prior to them doing a television interview.

“I want a drink!” Mady yells. “I haven’t had a drink all day.”

Kate says nothing.

Mady says: “Mom , I’m going to get dehydrated!”

Kate responds: “Yes, me too.”

Kate then orders a bottle of water. She takes a drink, but gives Mady nothing.

“I need a drink now!” Mady begs.

Kate scolds her to “be quiet.” Mady then cries: “You’re really, really mean!”

Jon and Kate Plus 8 airs Mondays on TLC.

(Video: Access Hollywood)

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