VIDEO: Choppers Dig At Tabloid Darling Kate Gosselin

The saturation of the Gosselins and their marital rift is lost on no one–not even the macho cast of American Chopper.

As special guest stars on Monday night’s  episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, fellow TLC star Mikey Teutul swung by the Gosselin ranch for some quality time and wound up on a spa date with Kate herself.

While soaking his feet for a pedicure, as Kate giggled, a spa attendant asked if Teutul wanted any reading material. His response? “Us Weekly.”

Luckily for Teutul, Gosselin laughed heartily at the dig, given the magazine has run headlines accusing everything her from being mean to her children to canoodling with her bodyguard.

Teutul got a crack in but also paid his respects. After spending a day with the Gosselin’s eight adorable kids, he complained of exhaustion.

“I dont know how u guys do it, I give you credit,” he told the couple.

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