VIDEO: Bug Bites Bounce Stephen Baldwin From Celebrity Jungle

Stephen Baldwin is going home.

The youngest of the famed Baldwin brothers, who says he’s received more than 125 bug bites since filming of the show began a month ago, quit the NBC summer reality show Monday. He said that the cumulative bites he accrued in the Costa Rican jungle caused him to lose sleep and drop 22 pounds.

“I think it makes sense to stay if you want too be here — I’m just not in that place,” Baldwin said.

Perhaps the bug bites weren’t the only thing gnawing at the runt of the Baldwin litter: reports last week claimed the actor’s New York home was foreclosed upon, and would be auctioned off Wednesday.

In his stead, the show permitted the remaining cast members to re-admit one of last week’s eliminated contestants, Janice Dickinson and Holly Montag.

Despite a spirited groveling session in which she begged for re-admittance, Dickinson was passed over for Montag, whose blossoming romance with American Idol novelty act Sanjaya Malakar picked up right where it left off prior to her exit last week.

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