VIDEO: Al Roker Continues War Of Words With Speidi

Al Roker continued his aggressive war of words with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Wednesday.

After the normally mild-mannered NBC weatherman made a jazzy, prize fighter’s entrance on the show, Fallon joked Roker had “taken a shower in Red Bull.”

Roker laughed, and said: “I’m gonna take you down too, my friend.”

On the subject of Speidi, the fame-loving couple who Roker had words with earlier in the week, Roker said he had no idea who they were until they were guests on his show.

Said the weatherman: “When I was told you’re gonna be interviewing Speidi, I thought, ‘Tobey Maguire’s on the show today?'”

We bet Spencer and Heidi didn’t chuckle at that one.

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