Style, Meet Sound: Roxy and JBL Headphones

Beach designer Roxy partnered with sound pioneer JBL to create a co-branded line of audio gear specifically sized for women. While style is important let’s face it, if they don’t sound good, no one is going to wear them but we’re happy to report that the brightly colored “D.J. style” headphones and colorful ear buds deliver superior audio sound.

The on ear headphones ($69.95) are made of cups that have been purposely designed as smaller than average ear cups, so they’re comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time and the ear buds won’t fall out of your ears.
Unlike the crappy default Apple ear buds, the mic on the In-Earphones ($39.95)  is purposely bigger and easy to see , not only as a style choice but also so you’ll hear conversations better.  Roxy fans will love the cases, which come in Roxy’s signature styled patterns.

Bottom line: Style does meet sound with the new Roxy JBL line.

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