Stars Talk About Favorite Booze; Craziest Vegas Moments At ‘Hangover’ Premiere

What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Fortunately for us.

In Los Angeles Tuesday night at the world premiere of the new Vegas-set comedy, The Hangover, dished with the cast about their favorite booze, their craziest Sin City moments, and their best cure for a hangover.

Click here to see photos of stars attending the premiere of The Hangover

Hangover star Bradley Cooper says he’s a fan of  scotch, while director Todd Phillips is more of a vodka drinker. Former Girl Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson gave us her craziest Vegas moment, which apparently involved a stripper and the champagne room. Dax Shepard‘s hangover strategy is to lay low. “I’ve lost a few days re-couping in bed. I’ve called off a Sunday or two in my day.” While Heather Graham, has the cure for a hangover. “I drink lots of water and then take two Advil, before I go to bed.”   

The A-list guests attending the premiere included Jim Carrey & gal pal Jenny McCarthy, Zac  Efron, and the Olson Twins.

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