Spencer Pratt Debuts Rap Video On New Reality Show

Move over Eminem, and make room for Spencer Pratt.

The charmingly obnoxious Hills heel debuted his opening shot in the hip-hop world, I’m a Celebrity, on Monday night’s season premiere of NBC summer reality program, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

The tongue-in-cheek video featured Pratt and his comely wife, Heidi Montag — both ubiquitous presences on the Hollywood party scene  — cavorting through the jungle in safari gear.

Pratt compared himself to the Detroit-based rapper, who has sold 65 million albums in the past decade.

“Honestly, I used to be the biggest Eminem fan on the planet, but the difference now is that he’s so paid. My hustle is the same as his was when he was 25, coming out with his first flow. If he’s the good guy right now, I’ll be the villain. I’m more hated than Eminem ever was, so why can’t I be the hated rapper?”

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